Art Advisory

Art AdvisoryICAC will provide art advisors who will advice the client to select and posses the art of their choice which will suite their space and budget.


Our advisors will do a quick survey and provide solutions considering the size, shape, lighting, location and of course the budget. Advisors will also understand your unique aesthetic sensibilities and recommend the best works for your personal collection from our established network of reputed buyers and sellers across the globe.


Our advisors can do a survey of your floor plan and provide best art solution for you as per your requirement and budget.


We serve Corporate, Homes, Offices, Commercial buildings, Shops, Architects, Interior Designers, etc. We also are willing to serve movie makers, Set designers and other entertainment industries.


ICAC remains committed to the highest regard for your privacy and the complete confidentiality of your collection.


Kindly contact us at or call us on 022 66251333 / 091678 51179. for any further details.