Art Vault

Art VaultStoring and protecting art is an art in itself, one that requires care and expertise. ICAC is proud to announce the launch of its new state-of-the-art storage facility that allows you to store your art in a secure, controlled environment.
From very small artworks to works worth crores, makes for the collection at the vault at present. Vivid works are stocked at the vault. And hence we get to learn a lot about different artworks. It has been a great learning experience for us.
From assessing the artworks to getting it packed and transported from your place to the vault, the art vault provides all kinds of facilities. Even if you want to sell your works and want your buyers to see the work, which is at the vault, you are allowed to do that too – of course under supervision.
The charges to stock the work depend on the duration and the size. “A typical three by three work can be stored at the vault for a month for Rs 400.”


  • Convenient central location in Mumbai (at Wadala).
  • Entire facility dedicated exclusively to fine art storage.
  • Temperature and humidity maintained at correct ranges best suited for storage of art.
  • The facility is under 24hrs CCTV Monitoring, on-site security guards and an alarm system.
  • Filtered, dust-free air and no exposure to UV radiation throughout the facility.
  • Secured by 24-hour fire and security command center and advanced surveillance systems installed within the facility.
  • Entire facility protected by early warning smoke and fire detection systems.
  • Facility and contents covered by insurance.


Stroage Services

  • Computerized inventory management and unique product identification systems.
  • Services include: art placement, unpacking and repacking, transportation.
  • Condition reports & photography for all incoming works.
  • Professionally trained staff in art handling & storage.