Private sales

ICAC provides complete solution for its client a completely confidential and direct access to to acquire or sell specific art at affixed price or at public auctions at various locations worldwide. Our extensive knowledge of client interests over the past decade helps facilitate associations between you and buyers or sellers based on your personal preferences.


Selling privately
ICAC has negotiated several private sales over the years; hence we understand the critical nature of certain divestments from your collection, and the significance of speed and confidentiality in such transactions.


ICAC will work with you with all its expertise to understand client’s unique requirement and ICAC can also organize a private sale for you with the art that you own, offering them, on your behalf, to our select clientele worldwide who have expressed interest in acquiring similar works.


ICAC provides an Appraisal and valuation service to its clients. This is the safe and trusted opportunity to evaluate your art to get the latest market value.


Buying Privately:
ICAC provides solution where we can help the client to add specific pieces to his art collection or even acquire a particular hard-to-find piece for the collection. ICAC has a worldwide network of collectors, dealers and galleries to source it for you.


If you are looking to build your own art collection over time, you can also look at our indepth Art Advisory Service to provide you with expertise and experience to guide your art buying and selling decisions.