about-us05Artist-in-residence programs give visiting artists time and space to focus solely on making work.
When considering a residency experience, you should be mindful of the personal and professional resources you will require and manage your expectations accordingly. Most programs have a standard application that includes a portfolio review and personal statement, so you’ll want to make preparations well in advance of your desired leave. A few other things to keep in mind:
about-us04Artists, writers, composers, musicians, dancers, etc. need huge chunks of time for their creativity. An artist residency provides the perfect environment for creative folk to be sequestered for a month to several months in order to just devote time to their art. Because the purpose of the artist residency is to allow artists to create, family members and friends are often not allowed to stay.
Artist Home – Dehgam Residency focuses on individual artistic expression and exploration. We offer individual studio space for Visual Artists looking for a short term stay in order to work and interact with other creative minds and explore Ahmedabad and it’s art. The program aims to promote young artists and is designed to have lasting benefits. During their stay Artists are exposed to alternative ways of experiencing and sharing the creative processes and realize the ways in which the art fully impacts their learning across the curriculum. It is an opportunity to share the skills and rewards of working with enthusiastic and motivated people.


about-us03Through interdisciplinary arts, the program seeks to connect artists from various genres fostering cross-cultural dialogue, artistic exchange and creates an environment for research and creation. The Artist’s in our Studios have the opportunity to work with us on various projects that impact local and global communities and transform society.


Artists residencies may specialize in certain areas such as painting or performance is located in pastoral landscape, located very near to he metro city of Ahmadabad, in the state of Gujarat, India. The Residency provides the uninterrupted time and space for artists to create.


ResidencyNo matter where young artists live today, it is important for the development of their art careers to include international art experience, so it is necessary for artists to leave home and work abroad. Such cross-cultural artist exchange strengthens both the local and international artist communities. These new cross-cultural experiences can inspire creativity.


We accept applications all year round. For more details and to apply contact us as an artist, time and space are valuable commodities in continuing your practice. Whether you are craving a retreat or just want access to new ideas, an artist residency may be a valuable move to rejuvenate your practice.


Artist Home – Dehgam Residency is committed to supporting emerging art practitioners from all over the world. We are looking at a diversity of artists working in the studios to create a lively, supportive and dynamic working environment. We aim to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst artists who work in different fields of art practice.


The Artist In Residence Programs are Open to Artists for a period of 15 days to 3 months.


We accept applications all year round. For more details and to apply contact us at: