4th International Graphic Print Exchange Program-2018

International Creative Art Center (ICAC) has been very active in promoting Graphic Art for past six years and has held large exhibitions of print making during the years 2012, 2014 and 2016.

We are glad to inform you that during 2016 Graphic Print Exchange programme we had 140 artists participating, including several senior artists and about 24 international artists.

We request all print makers to kindly continue to create a few prints every year, and not allow the print making technique of creating art into extinction.

International graphic print exchange program

ICAC (International Creative Art Center) is privileged and happy to have been associated with you. In our endeavor to promote art and art culture in India, we have organised an International Graphic Exchange Program, with some national and International good print making artists. To promote graphic art in India.

  • The Last date for submitting your art work is 30th November 2017.
  • Also send your bio-data and your own photograph, for publication, along with a brief write up about your art work.
  • You need to send 25 editions of your new art work on good quality Acid proof paper, along with last cancelled print also.
  • You will receive 20 different prints, one each, of the artists in your group.
  • The size of the Paper will be only in A4 size (8.5” x 11.5”), and the print size should also be minimum 6” x 9”, not very small.
  • Medium can be anything in print media like etching, wood cut, Leno cut, lithography, Platography, Serigraphy, etc., etc.. Preferably colourful.
  • Substandard work will be rejected & returned, at your cost.
  • Certificate of participation will be given to each participating artist, Three best artworks will be given Awards.
  • An Exhibition will be held in Mumbai & Other places during the year 2018.
    You may feel free to contact us for any further details, or you may also visit our web site at

Thanks !
With best Regards,
For International Creative Art Center (ICAC)