‘Brunch N Brushstrokes’ with Pala Fala @ The Art Hub
Launching Sunday. 24th July, 2016 at The Art Hub, Atria Mall!
Mumbai – 15th Mumbai, 2016


Everyone likes an unexpected setting. A restaurant with art exhibits on walls are a passé, here’s something which will give your outing experience a fresh approach with ‘Brunch N Brushstrokes’ – Pala Fala @ The Art Hub. This association is all set to offer you too many surprises in store at your every visit; you go to Pala Fala to eat, so the art will be a surprise. And if you’re sitting beside great art, eating great food and drinking great wine, it is a voluptuous experience, and makes for a great time. On an indolent Sunday morning give yourself an unexpected treat amidst a mouth watering authentic Parsi Brunch Bhonu surrounded by artistic brush strokes on canvas! Launching 24th July, 2016 at The Art Hub, 3rd floor, Atria Mall the ‘Brunch N Brushstrokes’ is all set uplift the entire dining experience for visitors.


Being a spacious place of nearly 10,000 sq. ft. area, the Art Hub is a perfect destination for various activities ranging from art shows to talks to exhibitions and much more. And, here’s a new happiness element added for the lovers of Art with exclusive and authentic Parsi food being served by Pala Fala in the midst of 100’s of beautiful art works. This creates an intimate and immersive setting for the diners, especially so on a leisurely Sunday


all across the town. This is the only such space, where the diners can enjoy exclusive modern, contemporary and traditional art. At The Art Hub we make sure that you spend a great time in a full – fledged art ambience. The Art Hub has shown tremendous liking amidst art lovers and masses as a whole. We wanted to give our patrons a much better experience. Pala Fala, with its legacy & authenticity are perfect partners for us. Together we intend to set new standards for the Brunch & Art lovers”, shares Mr. Ravindra Ma“The art displayed at the Art Hub includes the Masters of today as well as several emerging and highly talented artists from rdia, Founder, ICAC & The Art Hub.


When you talk about Parsi food, you can’t witness everything under one roof but Pala – Fala gives no chance to complain about this too! Pala – Fala is gaining more and more popularity with its authentic Parsi food. And yes by saying the word authentic, Pala – Fala really means authentic! Sali Chicken, Mutton Dhansak & Patra Fish are some of the mouth watering dishes served by this restaurant. One can also get to taste over 100 other not so commonly found Parsi delicacies like Aleti Paleti, Mutton Cutlets, as well as Parsi style Chicken Cheese Croquettes. Moreover there is a separate section dedicated to Egg specialties like Sali par eendu, Kheema par eendu, Bharuchi Akuri (not the regular Parsi azure that you get at any other restaurant, this one’s a typical Parsi home specialty) and many other classics! While talking about the association, Marzy Parakh, Managing Director, Marzy Hospitality shares, “We are extremely excited to associate with The Art Hub because it will be a fantastic avenue for restaurant guests to indulge in some of the city’s most exotic and culturally rich art offerings thus uplifting the entire dining experience to something overwhelming and unprecedented.


“The Authentic Parsi Buffet” which the restaurant provides you is something which is really commendable and helps this restaurant to stand out in the crowd. “The authentic Parsi Buffet” comprises of authentic Parsi wedding food which includes unlimited helpings of Chicken cheese croquettes, Mutton cutlets, Sali chicken, Patra fish, Chicken or mutton Dhansak, Chapattis, Welcome drinks & Lagan nu custard! In vegetarian menu they have Veg. Cocktail Kebab, Veg. Russian Pattice, Vegetable Stew, Vegetable Dhansak, Chapattis and Melting Chocolate Brownie. So simply skip your routine pizza-pasta treat and instead gorge on this traditional Zoroastrian spread while you get an access to the best of art works in the city at a cost Rs. 700! Isn’t this something which is worth trying for?


Brunch N Brushstrokes with Pala Fala @ The Art Hub
Where: The Art Hub, Atria Mall, 3rd Floor, Opposite Poonam Chambers, Dr A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018.
Price: Rs. 700/-
When: All Sundays, 11am onwards
Contact: (022) 65583333 / 65586666